As the world of technology progresses, numerous innovations have entered the field of healthcare. This is essential as medical technology often provides equipment that delivers solutions to diseases and ailments that were once incurable or hard to treat. Among the many innovations of medical technology, radiological imaging and ultrasonography are tools that seem to be reigning on an international level. This is because ultrasound is very easy, useful, and a firsthand modality to diagnose any gross pathologies. For instance, in an emergency setting when patients arrive, an emergency doctor can perform the ultrasound of acute development to rule out any liver disease, cholestasis, pancreatitis, or bowel obstruction within a minute’s time. Most importantly, the procedure is painless, it is safer than X-rays or CT scans since radiation isn’t involved, and it is a less expensive method of diagnosis.

However, operating ultrasound or radiological equipment is not easy and one must be trained by an educated and experienced healthcare staff to understand how the machines can be used to provide exemplary patient care. For this purpose, a three-month-long certificate course in ultrasonography was organized to enhance the knowledge of those interested in this particular field of medical technology.

This is essential for healthcare workers because ultrasonography is the future of the medical world. In less than a decade, ultrasounds are expected to be parallel to the role of the stethoscope. In the near future, all doctors will have a stethoscope around their neck and an ultrasound probe in their hands. Hence, it is a must for all healthcare workers to learn how to perform an ultrasound of their specialty if they want to keep up with the evolving world.

The informative course was introduced by the Department of Radiological Imaging at the Dr. Ziauddin Hospital and the College of Medical Technology, Ziauddin University. The purpose of the course was to brush up on the skills of the doctors who participated in order to introduce them to a modern field of imaging that can change the way ailments are analyzed and treated. Believe it or not, medical technology is the future and we, at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, want to ensure our staff remains at the forefront of healthcare development in order to provide the best possible treatment to patients.