Dr. Ziauddin Hospital


Patient care and nursing

From a bird’s eye view, it may seem like the medical profession is reliant on doctors who are trained to treat illnesses. However, in reality, a successful healthcare system comprises of educated doctors, hard-working nurses, and an institute’s attention to providing patient care. Keeping this in mind, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital ensures our team of healthcare professionals include the best doctors in the country, as well as compassionate and trained nurses who place utmost attention to patient-care.

Patient-care is important to us because it enhances the quality of life, in effect improving the physical and mental health of the patients. Therefore, the nurses and other staff hired at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital is trained specifically to cater to the needs of the patients from various areas and backgrounds. Our dedication towards excellence is also prevalent from the certification of expertise that was awarded to the Dr. Ziauddin Hospitals. At present, all departments of North, Clifton and Kemari campuses are ISO 9001:2015 certified by SGS, a Swiss inspection, verification, testing and Certification Services Company. Each year IRCA certified external auditors visit each campus for surveillance audits. All campuses have also been provisionally registered with Sindh Healthcare Commission.

Furthermore, to ensure quality standards a Quality Policy for DZH has been designed which emphasises on our staff possessing leadership skills, as well being reliable and inspirational individuals. The Quality Policy also states the need for a hospital culture based on research, training and development so the highest standards of services are achieved.

How Dr. Ziauddin Hospital maintain excellence in patient-care

At Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, we believe loyalty towards the customer and patient is extremely essential, therefore, we also ensure the staff that is hired adheres to these values. To certify the appointment of a qualified staff, DZH follows a strict hiring process which includes a written test, detailed interviews with the HR and nursing administration, and a three-month probationary period during which the staff displays their dedication towards wellness and healthcare. To become a permanent member of our team, the staff must prove their commitment to the cause of uplifting the healthcare system of Pakistan.

Training the nursing staff

In this fast-paced world of technology, we understand the need to keep the nursing staff up to date with technological advancements and research revelations related to patient care. This includes methods on how the mental state of a patient can be improved, as well as how those with chronic illnesses can be introduced to new technology as well as unorthodox methods of treating illnesses. To ensure our nurses are at par with international standards, DZH introduces various training sessions on a yearly basis. The Nursing Education Services section of the Nursing Department holds extensive teaching programmes that include soft skills, technical skills and certification courses are introduced.

Keeping a check and balance

To certify and maintain a certain standard, DZH also has a monthly performance review where the nursing staff is monitored by team leaders, supervisors and floor managers. Patients can also give their feedback regarding the staff and their experience at DZH at the time of discharge by filling a patient comment card. The negative and positive feedback is taken seriously and all problems pointed out are tended to immediately. Though its human to make mistakes, we at DZH believe mistakes are to be learnt from and not to be repeated. These are the teachings we ingrain in all our staff members. Furthermore, the annual appraisal of the nursing staff measures the skills, knowledge, team work, professionalism, attendance, etc.

Other measures that DZH has adapted to maintain a specific standard is to set up an infection Control department that performs bed-to-bed rounds of all patient care areas twice a day and ensures all protocols are being followed. Nursing Supervisors too, are continuously making rounds of all wards 24/7.

Ensuring quality

Maintaining quality control is a practice that is adapted globally in all healthcare systems in order to elevate a organisation and improve the effectiveness of treatments provided. The outcome to maintaining quality leads to improved performances of the staff, premium healthcare, and enhanced patient outcome.

At Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, our aim is to stand tall as a healthcare institute that patients can trust and rely on regarding all health concerns ranging from the seasonal flu to chronic illnesses, and from regular ailments to pandemics. We take pride in being a hospital that stands out in providing services that focus on developing a relationship of empathy with the patients.

To sustain this level of quality at all times, the Quality Assurance Department at DZH plays a crucial role by performing random checks of different wards. The administration also puts in place internal audits to identify and inspect the preservation of other aspects of patient care such as medical documentation, functionality of the equipment medication, and patient safety.