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Department of Nuclear Medicine at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital was established in 1993. Since its inception it has been providing diagnostic and therapeutic facilities to patients. Nuclear Medicine procedures are highly sensitive and specific tests. They are performed with tracer quantity of radioisotope.

The Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) certifies our Nuclear Medicine Services. The PNRA operates under the regulatory requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and conducts regular audits and inspections for quality assurance and radiation safety.


Our mission is to provide better diagnostic & therapeutic services.

Diagnostic Services

  1. Nuclear Cardiology
    1. Gated Myocardial Perfusion Study with physical exercise
    2. Gated Myocardial Perfusion Study with pharmacological intervention
    3. Hibernating myocardium study
    4. MUGA scan
  2. Bone scan
  3. Renal Scan with MAG-3/DTPA/DMSA
  4. Renal study for GFR by plasma clearance method
  5. Captopril stress renal scan for renovascular hypertension
  6. Thyroid scan with uptake
  7. Parathyroid scan
  8. Lung perfusion study
  9. HIDA scan (hepatobiliary imaging)
  10. RBC scan for GI bleed/hemangioma
  11. Meckel’s Diverticulum radionuclide study
  12. Brain perfusion scan
  13. Radionuclide CSF study (Cisternography)
  14. CSF shunt evaluation
  15. Scintimammography
  16. Lymphoscintigraphy
  17. I-131 MIBG diagnostic scan
  18. I-131 whole body diagnostic scan
  19. DXA scan


Therapeutic Service (for Appointment and Preparation Consult Nuclear Physician)

  • I-131 treatment for toxic goiter (out patient)
  • I-131 treatment for thyroid cancer (in patient)
  • I-131 MIBG therapy  (in patient)
  • P-53 bone palliation therapy  (out patient)

For appointment and preparation consult Nuclear Physician



  • Gamma Camera
  • Stress Lab
  • Radio pharmacy with equipped hot lab
  • Assigned waiting area for injected patients
  • Radionuclide treatment day care facility (North campus)
  • Radionuclide treatment room (North campus)
  • DXA suite


Cooperation Affiliations

  • Dr. Ziauddin University Hospital
  • Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine
  • Pakistan Medical and Dental Council
  • European Association of Nuclear Medicine
  • American Society of Nuclear Cardiology


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    Meet the Oncology Leadership Team

    Dr. Adnan A Jabbar

    Professor, Chairman of Oncology Department.

    Dr. Adnan A Jabbar

    Professor, Chairman of Oncology Department.

    Dr. Adnan A Jabbar

    Professor, Chairman of Oncology Department.

    Dr. Adnan A Jabbar

    Professor, Chairman of Oncology Department.

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