Dr. Ziauddin Hospital



Dr. Ziauddin Group of Hospitals is an extension to the dream of Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad. From its inception in the 1950’s as a campus in Nazimabad, it is now positioned as a leading brand in the healthcare sector, diversified across five dedicated branches and locations in Pakistan. It is a symbol of reliability and quality in Pakistan’s health care sector with a vision to provide affordable and state-of-the-art healthcare services for every citizen of Pakistan, and to be the most relevant tertiary healthcare provider for every strata of the society.

We operate with a mission to offer comprehensive and consistent services in an environment where community needs are met with modern healthcare systems, which is integral to our patient care. We are proud to make a difference one patient at a time by effectively meeting challenging medical service demands through our core competencies of patient safety and patient care excellence, which are imperative to improve the quality of life. We recognize the importance of a patient’s feedback to the overall level of service offered by the hospital. In this respect, we have also incorporated a dedicated marketing department for the Group that is committed to conducting patient surveys and sharing their feedback for improvements in the quality of service offered.


Our outreach and marketing department collaborate regularly to initiate community services and engagement programs as part of our corporate social responsibility. With the implementation of ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance programs across the Group, I am very hopeful about the quality of service offered at our hospital. I am certain that such measures combined with a compassionate and safe hospital environment, dedicated staff and a team of credible doctors makes Dr. Ziauddin Group of Hospitals, the most reputed healthcare destination in the country.

Dr. Asim Hussain
Dr. Ziauddin Group of Hospitals