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Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, one of the leading private hospitals in Karachi, has always put patients first, and looked to provide ease and convenience for them. By launching online services, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital reaffirms its commitment to serving patients first. You can now avail these services from the comfort of your home, which is important during the critical times the whole world is going through.

We offer 4 vital services, namely virtual clinics, online pharmacy, home collection of samples for lab tests and domiciliary services.

Virtual clinics

For the ease and comfort of its patients, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital now conducts virtual clinics, where the patient can book an appointment and consult the doctor over video call. This is helpful especially for weak patients and those with low immunity levels, who might find commuting to the hospital or waiting for longer periods of time challenging.

Online pharmacy

Dr. Ziauddin Hospital’s online pharmacy caters to medicinal needs, while providing ease and comfort. If you have forgotten to buy medicines on time or need some medicine urgently, this service can be extremely handy. Place your order at the pharmacy at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, and your medicines will be delivered to your doorstep.

Online Lab Tests

Dr. Ziauddin Hospital now offers convenient, time-saving online lab test services. A hospital representative visits your home to collect samples. After the tests are performed, you can get the report online on the hospital portal.

Domiciliary services

Patients incapacitated by illness may sometimes require domiciliary services. These services are usually available at hospitals only, but Dr. Ziauddin Hospital now provides domiciliary services at home. All you need to do is to book an appointment, and the help you need will be with you at a scheduled time.

To avail these services, you can login to https://homeservices.ziauddinhospital.com/ or just call or WhatsApp us at 03213660249.


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