The world may have evolved, but so have deadly diseases and ailments that continue to put lives at stake. One such disease is head and neck cancer that accounts for more than 650,000 cases worldwide and approximately 330,000 deaths annually. In fact, Pakistan is recognized as a high-risk geographical region for head and neck cancer. However, the survival rate of head and neck cancer is 50%, and keeping the health of the citizens of Pakistan in mind, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital added an extremely valuable member of the medical fraternity to their team. The renowned name we are so proud to have onboard is Dr. Mubasher Ikram, Professor of head and neck surgery. The esteemed doctor is also the Chairman Department of Otolaryngology and holds a special interest in general ENT disease management, thyroid surgery, salivary gland surgery etc. To welcome Dr. Mubasher and to inaugurate the health professional’s clinic, an event was held at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, North campus on 5th of January and Clifton campus on 7th January 2020. Both the inauguration ceremonies were conducted by Dr. Asim Hussain (Chairman Dr. Ziauddin Hospital). He was joined by Dr. Nida Hussain (Pro-Chancellor, Ziauddin University), and Ms. Sabina Khalid (COO Dr. Ziauddin Hospital) at the inauguration in Clifton. With Dr. Mubasher’s addition to the team, the administration of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital hopes to serve society better and aims to lend a helping hand to those who are suffering from head and neck cancer and other ailments that fall under the esteemed doctor’s area of expertise.