Our Pharmacy Department consists of well stocked pharmacies with proper storage facilities, handled by highly qualified pharmacists and well trained pharmacy technicians. The hospital has nine pharmacies spread across the three campuses. These pharmacies also include a specialized IVBP section (pharmacy for the preparation of injectable drugs) and an Oncology pharmacy.

Along with supplying all kinds of medicines, the following services are also provided by the pharmacy:

  1. TPN: The Dr. Ziauddin Hospital Pharmacy Department specializes in the formulation of total parental nutrition (TPN). It is given intravenously and contains nutrients such as glucose, amino acid, lipids added vitamins and dietary minerals. Ideally each patient is assessed individually before commencing on parental nutrition, and a team consisting of specialized doctors, nurses, clinical pharmacists and dietitians decide which formula to be used and at what rate. Trained pharmacist prepares TPN under aseptic condition in laminar flow with standard protocols.
  2. Extemporaneous Compounding/ non-sterile compounding: Extemporaneous preparations are small scale preparations for a short period of time either they are liquids or semi-solid. It is prescribed by an authorized person (a medical doctor) to an authorized agent (a pharmacist) to dispense a medication, device or therapy to specific patient for a specified period of time. The Dr. Ziauddin Hospital Pharmacy Department also provides above said service.

Drug information for patients and doctors is available through dedicated pharmacists who are available round-the-clock. Counselling is provided to patients regarding drug administration, dosage and storage. Only drugs that have been approved by the Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee of the hospital are inducted in the pharmacy.