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The role of a pharmacist in the field of healthcare is more crucial than many of us may understand. Though the basic duty of a pharmacist is to ensure the patients who approach them seeking medication are provided with the right medicines, they also certify and guide patients with the appropriate dosage required to treat an illness. They are also responsible for providing the optimal medication that is needed for numerous chronic diseases. This is why it is the collaboration between a physician and a pharmacist that actually helps in relieving a patient of ailments they are experiencing.

Yes, pharmacists play a vital position in contributing to improving healthcare, especially in developing countries where most individual are not even financially sound to seek treatment from a doctor. Therefore, it should be of utmost priority in Pakistan to empower pharmacists with the education and information they require to play a critical part in healing the society. This is one of the greater missions of Dr. Ziauddin Hospitals.

At any pharmacy of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, you will find that our pharmacists are fully equipped with knowledge regarding drugs and the treatment to various ailments. This is why our professionals are able to guide patients with the right medication and dose that can best serve their needs. Dr. Ziauddin Hospital places emphasis on training the pharmacists as this not only improves the patient outcomes, but also leaves an impact on improving the overall patient health.

Our Pharmacy Department also consists of well stocked pharmacies with proper storage facilities that are handled by highly qualified and well-trained pharmacy technicians. The hospital has seventeen pharmacies spread across three campuses. These pharmacies also include a specialised IVBP section (pharmacy for the preparation of injectable drugs) and an Oncology pharmacy.

Along with supplying all kinds of medicines, the following services are also provided by the pharmacy:

  1. TPN: The Dr. Ziauddin Hospital Pharmacy Department specializes in the formulation of total parental nutrition (TPN). It is given intravenously and contains nutrients such as glucose, amino acid, lipids added vitamins and dietary minerals. Ideally each patient is assessed individually before commencing on parental nutrition, and a team consisting of specialised doctors, nurses, clinical pharmacists and dietitians decide which formula to be used and at what rate. Trained pharmacist prepares TPN under aseptic condition in laminar flow with standard protocols.
  2. Extemporaneous Compounding/non-sterile compounding: Extemporaneous preparations are small scale preparations for a short period of time either they are liquids or semi-solid. It is prescribed by an authorised person (a medical doctor) to an authorised agent (a pharmacist) to dispense a medication, device or therapy to specific patient for a specified period of time.
  3. Drug information for patients and doctors: Data is available through dedicated pharmacists who are available round-the-clock. Counselling is provided to patients regarding drug administration, dosage and storage. Only drugs that have been approved by the Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee of the hospital are inducted in the pharmacy.

Online Pharmacy

Keeping in mind the needs of the citizens of the nation, including those who are underprivileged and don’t have the means to travel, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital has introduced the facility of an online pharmacy that provides medicines at home.

The home delivery of medicines is also essential for house bound patients such as the old who find it difficult to step out frequently in search of medications, as well as those who are simply too busy to find the time to visit a pharmacy. Medicines delivered at home are also convenient for those residing in remote areas who seek to purchase original medicines at affordable rates. This allows people to buy medication online without a hassle, hence, making an online pharmacy a necessary convenience. With this facility, you no longer need to stand in a que as original medicines will be provided to you at the comfort of your homes.

To access the services of home delivery of original medicines from the Dr. Ziauddin Hospital pharmacy, click the link below:



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    Meet the Oncology Leadership Team

    Dr. Adnan A Jabbar

    Professor, Chairman of Oncology Department.

    Dr. Adnan A Jabbar

    Professor, Chairman of Oncology Department.

    Dr. Adnan A Jabbar

    Professor, Chairman of Oncology Department.

    Dr. Adnan A Jabbar

    Professor, Chairman of Oncology Department.

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