Metabolic Screening Panel Pkg-17

The Metabolic Screening Panel (MSP) includes 14 individual tests that are done to measure all the important substances in your blood including glucose, calcium, and hemoglobin. It helps our doctors understand the current condition in which the patient is. You can receive a discount of more than PKR 2,100 with our package.

Chikungunya and Dengue Screening Package Pkg-16

At Ziauddin, we can help you find out if you have a case of chikungunya or dengue. With the symptoms being similar, it is quite common to mistake one for the other. By availing a screening package, you can get a discount of more than PKR 1,300.

Antenatal Package Pkg-14

Our antenatal service is widely known for its comfort and care for pregnant women across Karachi. With our antenatal package, you can get discounts of more than PKR 2,800.

Allergy Panel Pkg-13

If you are suffering from any sort of allergies (environmental/food), we recommend you get it checked with us as soon as possible. You can avail discounts of up to PKR 1,000 with our allergy panel package.

Hemolytic Panel Pkg-12

The Hemolytic Panel Test is a specific test that you can get done through us. Hereditary hemolytic anemia, along with RBC membrane disorders, can be detected at cheaper rates.

Vitamin B12 / Folate Package Pkg-10

These two nutrients cannot be produced in the body and if you have a Vitamin B12 and Folate deficiency, you can get supplements for them at discounted prices. You can save more than PKR 1,200.

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