The date, 8th November marks the anniversary of the discovery of the x-rays by Wilhem Roentgen in 1895. This day was first introduced in 2012 as joint venture by European and North American Society of Radiology with American college of radiology. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of the radiographic imaging, a dynamic discipline evolving through constant technological innovation,playing a crucial role in diagnosis of disease hence improving quality of patient’s life.

An initiative of organizing “International Radiology day” was taken by radiology department at Dr. Ziauddin hospital north campus in collaboration with Bayer Pharmaceuticals. The radiologist,radiographers and paramedical staff gathered in the morning of 8th November 2016 to celebrate this day. The event began with a short speech by Head of radiology department Dr. Kashif Shazlee followed by cake cutting ceremony and tea.

In his talk, Dr Kashif Shazlee discussed the vital role of medical imaging in modern health care. He acknowledged the role of radiographers working dedicatedly in background and providing the quality images for a radiologist to report. He appreciated the efforts of his faculty, residents and fellow radiologists who use their expertise and knowledge to diagnose and treat patients.

To quote “Remove radiology from medical science and vast majority of medical cases can become unreasonably difficult to be solved”-Unknown. The recognition of this day is building greater awareness of the value that a radiology research, diagnosis and treatment contribute to safe patient care and better understanding of the significant role radiologist perform in health care delivery system.Special efforts are being made to educate and for training of radiology related personnel to provide better service and use imaging to patients advantage.