In the face of advances in cancer treatment and decreases in mortality rates, cancer is still seen by individuals, first and foremost, as a death sentence. For many who are diagnosed with the disease, their initial thoughts are about death and dying (Loney, 1998)

Cancer patients deal with the different side effects and life changes during cancer treatment, it affects not only physical health, but it does bring wide range of feelings. Their emotions change daily, hourly, or even minute to minute. This is true whether you’re currently in treatment, done with treatment, or any of your friend or family members is affected. Diagnosis of cancer is a very stressful event for the patients and their families. In spite of all these mood swings patients at Dr Ziauddin Cancer Hospital were fully boosted with energy to celebrate Independence Day celebrations.

Looking at the JOSH & JAZBA of patients despite of full occupancy of the hospital Dr Ziauddin Cancer hospital organized an Independence Day for cancer patients in the hospital premises in which patients shared their feelings about the day, sung mili naghme while being on bed as they could not come to the arena. Few of the patients came from home to participate in the event and shared their feeling and experiences while their stay during treatment.

We all witnessed the smiley faces, happiness and sparkling eyes of our patients who were seeing death and were feeling pain and anxiety two days ago. No expensive medicines can replaced liveliness of their faces which we have seen by celebrating this small event for them.

This colorful event was witnessed and well appreciated by all patients, family members as well as hospital staff and management.