23 May 2017: The Outreach department of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital hosted a seminar on “Optimum Blood Pressure Management” on the occasion of “World Hypertension Day”. The event started with a presentation delivered by Dr. Mirza Yousuf Baig, Chief Resident Dr. Ziauddin Hospital and followed by a talk by Dr. Prof. Ejaz Ahmed Vohra. The objective of the seminar was to educate doctors to improve their way of handling of hypertension patients. Dr. Yousuf presented the data about continuously rising hypertension cases. Dr. Vohra gave a practical talk about most common causes of hypertension and its prevention as well as treatment.



The event was attended by over 50 doctors and was very much appreciated by all of them. Dr. Faraz Arif (Group Head Marketing & Business Development, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital) along with the Outreach Department of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital were the organizers. The event was chaired by Dr. Shireen Mansoor, Medical Superintendent, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital. Souvenirs were given to Dr. Mirza Yousuf Baig and most respectful Dr. Ejaz Ahmed Vohra by Dr. Shireen Mansoor.