World Health Week 2021 at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital

Influenza virus infections substantially contribute to global morbidity and mortality. Every year, globally 3 to 5 million individuals suffer from severe influenza, leading to 250 000 to 500 000 deaths. Influenza occurs

Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad: A source of inspiration

Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad was an eminent educationist, scholar and visionary of the sub-continent and it is under his name that the Ziauddin University was formed. He is remembered even today because after the death of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad played an important role in the renewal of education for the Muslims.

The Session on Self Actualization

An Inspiring & continuous development session on “Attaining Self Actualization” was organized by the Department of Surgery & Allied at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, North Campus on Tuesday February 09, 2021.

Covid 19 and children

As today’s children and adolescents grow up, will they may see themselves as a “lost generation”, whose lives occur to be tumbling in the shadow of a global pandemic. School closures are one of the most evident and debated matter of concern. According to Unesco, the education of nearly 1.6 billion pupils in 190 countries has so far been affected – that’s 90% of the world’s school-age children (June 202). And at this time of writing, there are still no certain strategies for opening the schools of around half of these children.

Workshop by College of Medical Technology

As the world of technology progresses, numerous innovations have entered the field of healthcare. This is essential as medical technology often provides equipment that delivers solutions to diseases and ailments that were once incurable or hard to treat. Among the many innovations of medical technology, radiological imaging and ultrasonography are tools that seem to be reigning on an international level. This is because ultrasound is very easy, useful, and a firsthand modality to diagnose any gross pathologies. For instance, in an emergency setting when patients arrive, an emergency doctor can perform the ultrasound of acute development to rule out any liver disease, cholestasis, pancreatitis, or bowel obstruction within a minute’s time. Most importantly, the procedure is painless, it is safer than X-rays or CT scans since radiation isn’t involved, and it is a less expensive method of diagnosis.

NBP Funds Management Limited- Breast Cancer Awareness Program

Dr. Ziauddin Hospital visited NBP Funds Management Limited to conduct a breast cancer awareness program highlighting the importance of regular breast screening which can save lives. We thank Dr. Nida for joining us and making this possible.

Out Reach Center Khuzdar

With the vision to become a healthcare destination for all, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital announced its Medical Outreach Program in 2000. We are now proud to announce our new lab pick-up point in Khuzdar. Inaugurated by our esteemed guest, Dr. Jalil. We are thankful to Mr. Syed Imran Uddin, Group Manager Lab Outreach Department, for organizing this seminar.

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