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Thalassemia is a major genetic and hereditary disorder of public health in Pakistan. Around 6,000 new patients are added every year to the existing population of the sufferers. There are 10 million carriers of this disease who transmit it to the next generation. Statistical analysis reveals that almost 20 million people suffer from thalassemia currently in Pakistan, whereas every year 5-6 thousand new cases are diagnosed.

Lecture 1:

“Management of Thalassemia Major Beyond Blood Transfusion”

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Tahir Shamsi, Consultant Hematologist, NIBD

Lecture II:

“Iron Chelation In Thalassemia Major”

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Munira Borhany, Consultant Hematologist, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, NIBD


Dr. Prof. Khalid Zafar Hashmi, Consultant Hematologist, Head of the Department- Hematology, SIUT

Co Chairperson:

Dr. M. Iqbal, Assistant Prof., Consultant Pediatric Dr. Ziauddin Hospital


Dr. Farhana Zafar, Assistant Prof., Consultant Pediatric Dr. Ziauddin Hospital

Day & Date:

June 11, 2015- Thursday


9:00 am to 12:00 noon


Seminar Room 1, Ground Floor, Main Hospital Building North Nazimabad Campus

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Kindly Contact Department of Quality Assurance

Phone, 36648237-9  Ext: 517