The Department of Quality Assurance (QA) at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital focuses on the Hospital Performance in Quality Services, Customers (patients) Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement. We make sure that the services being provided and developed are meeting our specific requirements and set targets. We have a system to increase patients’ confidence and reliability to improve our work process and competence. Quality Assurance Department commitment is to upgrade the Hospital/Campuses Environment, Safety, and Health pertinent matters. The work being performed is in connected aspects and is within an effective management system. We continue to serve the various clinical and non-clinical departments as a valuable hospital resource, as they are the essential part of our quality framework health care system.

At present the Departments of Pharmacy, Clinical Laboratories, Radiology and Outpatient (clinics) are ISO 9001:2008 certified by SGS, a Swiss inspection, verification, testing and Certification Services Company. We are in the process of getting all the Hospitals / Campuses Certified as well. We look towards the horizon, having more valuable international accreditations in future.

The Department of Quality Assurance is involved in formulating and preparing Quality Principles and associated Departmental documentations. Valuable attributes are being incorporated accordingly, applying to the hospital’s related framework, attentive on the Performance, Customer Expectations, and Enhancement. Our aim is to increase patient’s confidence and the Hospital / Campuses credibility, as we strongly pick up smoothly, inculcating an excellent working atmosphere in order to confirm as being one of the best health care providers in our country.