The Pediatrics department of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital consists of an Out Patient department operated by different Pediatric consultants and Pediatric Emergency care that operates 24/7. Indoor patients are admitted according to the care they need:

  1. General Pediatrics
  2. Neonatal Care Unit
  3. Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Neonatal unit looks after premature as well as sick babies. It can provide tertiary care including CPAP, Assisted Mechanical Ventilation, Total Parenteral Nutrition, phototherapy operated with LED lights etc. There are facilities for Blood Exchange Transfusion, Peritoneal Dialysis, CT scans, MRI, portable Ultrasonography, portable Echocardiography, EEG etc. Pediatric surgical care, Consult Pediatric Neurology & Cardiology are also available. The departments are run by different trained Pediatric Consultants and support staff including Post graduate trainees.

Every new born is seen immediately after birth by a Pediatric Consultant and primary vaccination is also done. These babies are followed on Out Patient basis by respective Consultants.

The Pediatrics department of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital Department strives to improve the health and wellbeing of children through research and a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. It is a pioneer in the field of child health research. The Department adheres to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines in order to provide the highest level of satisfaction and quality to its patients.