Dr. Ziauddin Group of hospitals provides functions of Out-Patient Department (OPD) including preventive, diagnostic, curative and rehabilitative.The out-patient clinics at the Dr. Ziauddin Group of Hospitals are some of the busiest in the city, currently managing clinics with an average of around 1200 OPD patients per day and served by 200+ physicians from all medical specialties.Patients prefer visiting our out-patient clinics because of the accuracy of diagnosis, effective treatment, cost effectiveness, lesser waiting times and the undivided attention of doctors.The Outpatient services works as a mirror to a hospital’s overall services and forms a patient’s impression of the hospital. This impression often influences the patient’s sensitivity to the hospital and therefore it is essential to ensure that outpatient services provide an excellent experience.

Outpatient Department services are one of the key aspects of Hospital Administration. The department is the mirror of the Dr. Ziauddin Hospital which reflects the functioning of Hospital being the first point of contact between the patients and the Hospital staff. We are operating four extensive OPDs and serving masses in Karachi typically from the North Nazimabad, Clifton, Nazimabad and Kemari vicinities. Our OPDs are being visited by large section of community and the care and attention provided to them goes a long way in building up the reputation, trust and confidence of the people in Dr. Ziauddin Hospital.

OPD of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital are located at the highly populated region of this metropolis with huge available clinics; having engaged the best recognized chain of Consultants and Specialists in the town. Services are being offered throughout weekdays (during day hours) with assistance of highly skilled and trained OPD personnel. As soon as patient/visitor steps in our Dr. Ziauddin Hospital OPD, multiple services counters are available for real time assistance and information. The OPD counters are organized in such a way to provide easy access of all visitors in the least possible time. Our special achievements in the benefit of our valuable customers is an ISO 9001:2008 Certification, Electronic Medical Record System (EMR), Digitalized data and E-Reporting by which the patients can access their medical reports online via their smart phones or portable computers.