Dr. Ziauddin Hospital comprises of Clinical Microbiologists who are well qualified doctors and Infection Control Officers who are nurses, trained especially to deal with crisis situations. A teaching programme is a mandatory part of the recruitment in the department, which requires every individual joining the team to participate in an induction programme and attend structured, focused training courses to prepare them for the critical tasks that are essential for efficient operations of the unit.

The aim of Infection Control Team of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital is to limit the acquisition and spread of pathogenic micro-organisms, by using scientifically based knowledge, thorough planning, surveillance, education and research. We have established a practical system of identifying, reporting, evaluating and maintaining records of infection among patients and employees.

At Dr. Ziauddin Hospital the Infection Control orientation program consists of the following:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Breaking the chain of infection, preventive measures
  • Isolation categories and care
  • Safe sharps management
  • Safe linen management
  • Universal blood and body fluid precautions
  • Management of exposure to blood and body fluid and needle stick injuries
  • Employees responsibility in the IC Program
  • Judicious use of Antimicrobials
  • Preparation of Antibiogram (Antimicrobials resistance Data)

The Infection Control Team of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital support and contribute to the philosophy, goal, objectives, and policies of the organization and believe that infection is preventable in hospital setting by implementing and reinforcing preventive measures.