Bariatric Surgery

Obesity in Pakistan is on the rise and the pandemic has only contributed towards making it worse. People spent time locked up indoors with minimal to no activity and with food acting as the only source of comfort in such unprecedented times, that led to many people becoming obese. Weight loss doesn’t come easy to all and so, Dr Ziauddin Hospital has created a one stop solution for getting your health back on track. From internationally trained and accredited nutritionists who can help you reduce and maintain your weight, to highly experienced bariatric surgeons who help you lose those impossible to shed pounds in a healthy way and guide you on how to keep the extra weight off. Bariatric surgery is done when diet and exercise haven’t worked or when you have serious health problems because of your weight. Some procedures limit how much you can eat and in turn, help you lose weight.

With obesity is on the rise and an average of every 1 in 4 adults being obese, Dr Ziauddin Hospital aims at helping you reduce that weight with a combination of weight loss surgery and constant support. With time we aim at reducing these statistics in our country’s favour so that we have a healthy Pakistan. Dr Ziauddin Hospital provides a variety of Bariatric weight loss surgeries in Pakistan. Hundreds of patients each year are assisted with losing weight and getting their health and life back under control

Bariatric surgery refers to weight reduction surgeries collectively. This includes gastric bypass, Sleeve gastrectomy etc. Most of the surgeries involve making changes to your digestive system to help you lose weight. Other procedures work by reducing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Some procedures do both.

Patient Testimonials


“This whole new journey has been biggest game changer in my life, and it has impacted every single aspect of my existence.”

I’ve spent over 30 years of my life just being fat. My obesity began as a curse from very early stage in life, basically from childhood and then continued into my adulthood, and just couldn’t break-free from it ever since. Till last year I had absolutely no idea, that what is it like to NOT be overweight, fat, obese, heavy and etc. Over the years I have attempted several times to lose weight, but always ended up being a quitter. The exercise routines were too agonizing to sustain for extended period of time and diets that never paid off quickly enough to keep me driven and motivated. Thus, I always ended back to my unhealthy lifestyle and kept on gaining weight over and over. Honestly, as an overweight individual, I have faced lots of setbacks in life, it has affected me personally, professionally, mentally and emotionally. Even after huge losses and setbacks, my weight was constantly gaining. It also didn’t matter how expensive clothes I will wear, I still looked ridiculous and over the years developed fear, phobia and anxiety of going out in public or socializing. I started facing more obesity related health issues, and my quality of life was declining. This is Finally, when self-realization kicked in and my family supported my decision as they foresaw that if there is not a significant change in my life, they might find me lying dead on couch in near future. Now, came a part where I had to choose the right Doctor to perform this life changing surgery, that’s when I came across Dr Surrendar Dawani. There was something about him, maybe his aura or personality trait that convinced me that I’m in safe hands. After my first initial meeting with him, he guided me through every step with encouragement, education and empathy for the massive change bariatric surgery has on one’s life. Dr. Surrendar has changed my life and I really want to thank him from all my heart for all of his efforts and giving me new life. My surgery was performed in Oct 2018 and till now in 7 months I have lost whopping 67kgs, my initial weight before surgery was 160kgs and now I weigh 93kgs, still losing weight to reach my target weight.

My life has taken a dramatic turn after this transformation. This whole new journey has been biggest game changer in my life, and it has impacted every single aspect of my existence. I urge everyone who is struggling with obesity, to contact Dr. Surrendar and opt for this life changing experience and perceive your new transformation.


My life was almost finished, I couldn’t even breathe easily and fit on the bed completely at 185 kg. After a long struggle, I found Dr. Surrendar Dawani in Ziauddin Hospital and I was afraid at that time.

The doctor made me very comfortable and told me that if we work together we will succeed and promised me that after weight loss surgery I will feel like a different and happy person. In half a year after surgery I was a changed man, this is my 9th month and I have lost 65kg Mashallah. I have lost almost half of the body weight by the sleeve gastrectomy surgery done by Dr.Surrendar on Dec 30, 2017. Because of Dr. Surrendar, I entered in a new life, a new world of hopes and happiness and now I am experiencing a normal life mashallah.

Thank you very much Dr. Surrendar; all your efforts have helped my body transform. I suggest Weightloss Surgery Pakistan to all those who are obese and want a smart body and transformation as well as getting rid of diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension and other bad health conditions.

He is highly recommended for gastrectomy sleeve surgery, I am an example of it.