The News Letter has been published second time in line by Dr. Ziauddin Group of Hospitals stressing a great light on the other stage of our work then the previous one. It will unearth information related to the commitment, values statement, goals achievements and the advancement that we brings about in our work environment and the corporate customers dealing.

Here, I would also like to reveal that why we need to publish News Letters? What it actually conveys to the external or internal customers? News Letter publishing is highly significant in terms of defining that how organizations works in the best way by utilizing all its resources efficiently and effectively. On the other hand it also takes into account the below mentioned points:

  1. Newsletter reconnect you to your customers.
  2. Newsletter further builds corporate image.
  3. Newsletter discloses about the projects undertaken by the organization.
  4. Newsletter also reveals details about any Corporate Social Responsibility act that organizations usually does.
  5. Newsletters highlights all the
  6. It increases prospective customer desires to reciprocate towards your organization.
  7. It also tells the outer world as to what extent the corporate is robust on technical grounds, proficiency level, innovation and its routine performance.
  8. Many people wants to have a detailed information about your hospital services, its align products and its features, so this newsletter proves to be great source for educating them in the well-organized format.

Newsletters can also be a two way communication as by asking from the clients about various things in order to get a logical feedback as well.

It’s really appreciable that here at Dr Ziauddin Hospital, it is our topmost priority to bring about maximum refinement and continuous improvement in all of our services which are also up to maximum satisfaction of the customers as well.

Patient’s first, we strongly believes in this and it is too important to address all the concerns of our customers and their attendants in the most positive way.

It can be rightly said here that under the chairmanship of Dr Asim Hussain, this services rendered organization will continue to work in the most incomparable way along with maximum up gradation of all its structures and processes as per modern era desires and demand.