The word health denotes a condition of a complete emotional and physical well-being. Healthcare exists to help people maintain the optimal state of health of comfort.

The World Health Organization’s annual World Health Day, is celebrated globally in the month of April. It is the day that generally marks the creation of a new campaign that seeks to encourage in taking steps for having a healthy world.

This year the theme is building a fairer, healthier world.


In the same light the Department of Quality Assurance in Collaboration with the Administration of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital planned a whole week of Recognition and Appreciation. Our hospital Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Janitors, Housekeeping  staff , Security – All Healthcare providers, were honored with  a token of Appreciation ; Awards &  Certificates for playing an excellent role with  dedication during the Covid -19 Pandemic.  Everyone felt valuable & that was the call of the time – wonderful expressions felt, heard and would be remembered for long.

The World Health Seminar at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital World  was all about our health leaders  focusing  on our  communities’ toughest issues and their  determination towards a positive move; their interest in recognizing the health problems, and looking towards effective sustainable  measures as well as planning of long-term solutions for better healthcare outcomes when it comes to quality care individuality & equity .