Nursing services of Oncology department has provided a platform “Road to Recovery” to Cancer patients and their family members where they can sit together and share experiences, feelings, thick & think situation with each other. In order to provide emotional support to all those patients who after getting diagnosed Cancer feel this is the end of their lives and think that they have reached the end of a tunnel and suffer from stress and depression.

Diagnose of cancer or receiving a cancer treatment often initiate strong emotional disturbance. Most of the individuals experience shock, anger, numb, disbelief, fear, and sense of loss. This not only happen with patient but their family members and friends also go through the same process. Which some times lead to isolation and loneliness.

Studies have proved that support groups allow people to talk about their experiences with others living with cancer, which help them feel inspired, motivated and enable them to manage their emotions better. Group members may also discuss practical information. This may include what to expect during treatment, how to manage pain and other side effects of treatment, and how to communicate with health care providers and family members. Exchanging information and advice may provide a sense of control and reduce feelings of helplessness.

Road to Recovery is a professional led group. It consists of current patients and their family members. It is very inspiring and motivating for newly diagnosed and freshly started treatment patients where long-term survivors of the disease share their experience and provide them support which helps them decrease their anxiety and fear and provide them courage and will to fight.

This session can be attended by cancer patients admitted in the hospital. Group members can exchange contact numbers and can continue to support each other through this platform.

Road to Recovery first session was held in Dr Ziauddin Cancer hospital on October 18, 2016. 25 patients and family members have attended the session. Response was overwhelming; patients opened up and shared their fears and experiences. Few of patients cried and others supported them in such a manner that they felt very strong and hopeful. One patient sang beautiful old song which was mood elevating for others who were feeling low and sad. At the end one patient shared few techniques how to feel positive and how we can get rid of negative thoughts and bring ray of light in our lives and remain strong. Patients were very happy about this initiative and insisted that it should be continued on frequent basis.