The celebrations of Independence Day – August 13th, 2021 at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital (North Campus) began with a Flag hoisting stance echoed by the national anthem, followed by a cake cutting ceremony done by our honorable Chief Guest, Mr. Chairman – Dr. Asim Hussain, along with Madame Sabina Khalid C.O.O. of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital (Clifton Campus) & Dr. Shireen Mansoor, Medical Superintendent of North Campus.
Addressing the ceremony, Mr. Chairman said, “Today we appreciate & recognize the hitches that we faced in the progression of Pakistan’s freedom,” and every year we pay an esteemed honor to our leaders of the freedom drive, our renowned leaders – Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, Liaquat Ali Khan, and others. He further said, “It is due to their devotion, honest efforts & sacrifices that we are here today”.
Independence Day’s special attraction was the standing ovation & special tribute paid to our beloved Madame, Dr. Aijaz Fatima (the late) who lives in our heart – a legend, and the founder of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital. She is the daughter of Sir, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad, a distinguished educationist, scholar, and visionary personality. Sir Ziauddin played a principal role in the reawakening of Muslim education in the subcontinent. He is an inspiration still today; when it comes to education, knowledge, human service, and determination for attaining excellence in service – and Dr. Aijaz Fatima is a reflection of the same.
The event took off with patriotic stimulations all around with true feelings & dedication. Strokes & Sketches of the beauty of liberation were shared by our guests, Dr. Faheem Shaikh C.O.O. Keamari Campus, Dr. Arif Hussain, Director Clinical Laboratories & Madame Sabina Khalid. We also heard short speeches to make the moment of freedom come alive, and finally geared up our nationalistic moves while listening to the patriotic songs which filled up the lively air …..
*Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan, Dil Dil Pakistan, Aik Parcham Ke Saaye Taley hum Aik hain*…

Making us feel the sensational touch of being a Proud Pakistani.