1,25,000/= 1,55,000/=

Charges Included In Packages:-

  • Two days stay in ward / Room as per hospital rules & regulations.
  • Surgery, Anesthesia & Operation Theater
  • Nursing care & patient routine Diet.
  • Routine laboratory, radiology and pharmacy charges.

Charges Excluded From Package:-

  • Emergency visits by other consultant.
  • Dietary consultation and special diet, if required.
  • Any Additional procedures.
  • Blood products and blood screening
  • Physiotherapy charges. 


  • This package may be offered to non-complicated cases only.
  • Package will be broken in case of prolonged stay due to any medical complications and will be charged separately on actual basis.
  • Any item other than the inclusions will be charged separately provided the stay remains within the prescribed length of stay.
  • 100% payment advance  at the time of admission.
  • Itemized billing details are not available in package offer


  • In case of change of accommodation request, the relevant package charges will be applicable.
  • I also state that I have fully understood the above agreement.


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