Hepatitis Screening Package Pkg-08

We take a sample of your blood and perform a test to see if you have been affected with the viral hepatitis. You must get this done at least once in your lifetime which is why we have developed a package that can give you a discount of more than PKR 1,700.

Iron Profile Pkg-07

You can discover the iron reserves in your body and get treatment/supplements for any deficiency situations. All of this can be done without worrying too much about money with our Iron Profile package.

Cardiac Risk Assessment Package Pkg-04

Early symptoms of cardiovascular diseases should be assessed properly and at Ziauddin, we can do that with our cardiac risk assessment program. By detecting it early on, necessary measures can be taken to prevent any life-threatening situations.

Covid-19 Package Pkg-02

With the COVID-19 virus taking the world by storm, it is essential that we prioritize cheap screening of the virus to ensure more people do not get affected. At Ziauddin, you can get that done easily while saving above PKR 1,500.

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